Pearl and Roo: A Tale of two peas



Well, hello.

So, I’m a blogger now (well, blog – singular). I suppose I should introduce myself…

I’m a girl* from Edinburgh. I have never traveled the world (well, never further than Europe), I have never been married, I have never enjoyed salmon, and I have never, until now that is, been a university student.

Anyway, I am going to keep this blog simple. About my days, my ‘dates’, my extensive list of wonders, my passions for design and creativity, and my adventures. I’m studying my Masters in Magazine Publishing, and am pretty (understatement) fond of beautiful publications, and a sucker for paper stocks and typography.

I enjoy my life, and excited for my future. I’ll not be held back, and I’ll not waste a minutes time.

You might see some other reviews pop in, from the ‘other pea’ I mentioned. My daughter – Blue. Aged 7. And without a shadow, hilarity personified. UPDATE** Check out Blue’s posts here.

*Okay okay, I’m 30 – although I’ve never EVER called myself a ‘lady’ or ‘woman’, I just don’t feel ready for that yet. Not to mention, when I answer the phone – people ask for my mum… Awks.

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